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Thinking of moving to the Northwest and need help choosing between Portland and Seattle? We compare affordability, safety, commutes and things to do. Seattle and Portland are undeniably the urban giants of the Northwest. Both are fun and unique, but the small differences matter when picking a place to live. So, our experts at ApartmentLove wanted to break it down for you. We compared affordability, safety, commutes and things to do in both cities to make it easier for you to decide which city is best for you between Portland and Seattle. Cost of Living in Portland vs Seattle Both Seattle and Portland are massive urban centers with sprawling suburbs, but what does that mean for affordability? Let’s check it out, starting with Seattle. In Seattle, the average rent of a studio or one-bedroom apartment is around $2000 per month. However, this depends on the area and it is possible to find studio apartment rentals as low as $1300 per month. Family-sized units, meaning two-bedroom, three-bedroom and even four-bedroom apartments for rent typically go for around $3000 a month. An apartment for rent in Portland is less expensive on average. Studio apartment rentals and one-bedroom apartment rentals hover at around $1600 per month typically. And, there are even a few units under $1000 per month. In terms of two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments for rent, the average cost is about $2500 per month. On top of finding the right apartment for rent in Seattle or Portland, the cost of living is something to consider. Generally, the average cost of living in Seattle is 11.5% higher than in Portland. This includes everything from groceries to phone bills. How Safe are Portland and Seattle? Safety is important no matter where you are, so let's take a look at crime rates in both cities. Contrary to popular belief, Seattle is very safe. It just depends on your neighborhood. In fact, there are some neighborhoods in Seattle that had an almost 0% crime rate in 2022. Finding an apartment for rent in neighborhoods like Queen Anne or Magnolia means you’ll be in an area with virtually no crime. Apartments for rent in downtown Seattle or the University District may have a higher crime rate, but nothing serious or violent. It’s mostly just harmless college shenanigans. On the other hand, Portland has one of the highest crime rates in the country. The overall crime rate is 7.5%, though the majority of these crimes are minor and nonviolent, meaning small thefts under $1000. And, it really depends on the area. Apartments for rent in Northwestern Portland tend to be family and community oriented and therefore, safer. Commuting in Portland and Seattle Your commute is affected by where you live and having quick, affordable, accessible options is often a top consideration. Seattle’s public transit systems are incredible. While driving is an option in the suburbs, it’s usually not the best way to get around. Seattle’s robust transit systems include busses, light rail, trams, subway and ferries, as well as wheelchair-only services. Fares are also very affordable; Adult fare is anywhere between $2.50 to $4.50, depending on the transit method, and youth 19 and under ride for free. Portland is very much the same as Seattle in terms of transit. They have almost identical reliable, affordable, and frequent transit options, with the addition of publicly available bikes. The average fare cost is lower too. Youth ride free, and a single adult fare is only $2.50, or $5 for an unlimited 24-hour pass. Things to Do in Portland and Seattle This is where it gets interesting. When it comes to things to do, Seattle and Portland are similar, but different at the same time. Both cities are top-tier food scenes. Both cities prize their natural landscapes and outdoor activities. But where Seattle is all about the upscale and nightlife, Portland loves quirky, one-of-a-kind and family-friendly activities. For outdoor activities in Seattle, visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass or Ballard Locks. For food and coffee lovers, or Starbucks fans, check out Pike’s Place Market for some interesting and upscale flavors. Pro tip: there are lots of beautiful apartments for rent in this area of Seattle. You’ll have the most Instagrammable coffee run ever. And for some fun nighttime activities, spend a night at Mimosas Cabaret. There are also some kid-friendly options, like the Space Needle or the Museum of Pop Culture. Outdoor fun is no joke in Portland. Visit the Portland Japanese Garden or the International Rose Test Garden, or any of Portland’s 100+ parks and greenspaces. For a tasty treat, head over to Salt and Straw, an artisanal ice cream shop with funky flavors that rotate monthly. Strawberry balsamic & pear and blue cheese are two of their unique mainstays. There are also a variety of family-friendly activities like a visit to the Oregon Zoo or the Oaks Amusement Park. For some more grown-up fun, spend the night at any of Portland’s unique bars. Verdict: Portland or Seattle? So which city is best? That’s up to you! Seattle is a bit more expensive, but safer. Porland is a bit more affordable and unique, though considered less peaceful. Finding an apartment for rent in Seattle or Portland is a great decision either way, as they are two of the most sought-after cities to live in! ApartmentLove | Apartments for Rent in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR Our database of listings is sure to find you the best short-term or long-term apartments for rent in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Compare thousands of rental listings and prices on our website, and find your next home today!
Thinking of moving to the Seattle area but don’t want to live downtown? Check out our list of top 5 Seattle suburbs in 2023. Are you thinking about making a move to the east coast? Do you want to raise a family in Seattle? Is Seattle's downtown core overwhelming? You may want to consider Seattle's suburbs! ApartmentLove knows that affordability, safety and nearby amenities are top of mind for many looking for apartments for rent in Seattle, especially if you have kids or plan to start a family. Here are our top five neighborhoods in Seattle's suburbs. 1. Mercer Island Taking the crown in ApartmentLove's ranking of the best Seattle suburbs is Mercer Island. This island suburb community is exclusive, private and cozy. In terms of affordability, keep in mind that privacy comes at a price. One-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment rentals on Mercer Island cost about $2000 per month, including amenities and utilities. Three-bedroom and four-bedroom apartment rentals cost about $5000 per month. But the perks are worth the price; There were only ten crimes overall on Mercer Island in the last year. Highways connect Mercer Island to amenities in Bellevue in 30 minutes or less, and ferries offer a more scenic commute to mainland downtown Seattle. On the island, Luther Burbank Park, Groveland Beach Park and Deane's Children's Park are the most popular greenspaces to relax and play in. Other well-liked spots to visit include Island Books, a popular independent bookstore that is kid-friendly and have lots of fun learning options for littles. Oh! Chocolate is another must-visit location for locals and anyone thinking of moving to the Mercer Island community. This locally owned shop offers homemade gourmet chocolates and truffles. They also offer weeknight adult-only workshops and classes for anyone interested in learning about chocolate and chocolate making, because who says you have to outgrow your sweet tooth? 2. Bothell Bothell is one of the most family-focused suburbs in all of Washington state. Apartments for rent in Bothell reflect this too, as most of them are between two and four bedrooms. Rent prices are on the low to average end, ranging from $1950 for a two-bedroom apartment rental to $2700 a month for three-bedroom or four-bedroom apartments for rent. The suburb is known for its community attitude, with some of the best schools in the state, and community centers that provide kid-friendly activities and services. A visit to Blyth Park, the Woodland Park Zoo, or Elevated Trampoline Park are favorite activities among Bothell residents. 3. Redmond Much like Bellevue, this Seattle suburb is famous for being a tech hub. Redmond is one of Seattle's most affordable suburban areas when looking for apartments for rent, is generally safe, and there are plenty of notable amenities. Finding an apartment for rent in Redmond is easy and affordable. Studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments for rent cost roughly $1100 per month. Two-bedroom apartments for rent in Redmond are about $2000 per month. Three-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments cost about $3500 per month, including amenities and utilities, which is on par with national averages. It's also a relatively safe area, and on par with the average US city in terms of crime rate. Schools typically hold A+ academic ratings and have partnerships with local companies like Nintendo of America and AT&T. There are also many family-friendly activities and amenities in the area as well, such as shopping at the Redmond Town Center, exploring Idylwood Park or visiting the Microsoft Visitor Center. This cute Seattle suburb is a balanced and relaxed neighborhood, perfect for families. 4. Bellevue Bellevue is considered a premium neighborhood to live in, with lots to do and a focus on diversity, education and innovation. Unlike Sammamish, Bellevue has a good mix of apartments for rent. It's easy to find a one-bedroom apartment for rent, and possible to find up to five-bedroom apartments for rent too. It's to be noted that it's not always the most affordable, though. In fact, rent here is about 16% more expensive than the average downtown Seattle rentals. The average cost for a one-bedroom apartment for rent in Bellevue is $1850 per month. Two-bedroom apartments for rent average at $2200 a month, and three-bedroom, four-bedroom and five-bedroom family-style apartments for rent average to about $4500 a month. The prices are reflective of the quality of life and are worth it considering all that Bellevue has to offer. The overall crime rate in this area is less than 10%. Its high schools offer public or private education, many ranking highly by international standards and offering opportunities with local tech companies like Microsoft. There are lots of great family-friendly activities in Bellevue too, like the KidsQuest Children's Museum. For a more peaceful day, take a stroll through the Bellevue Botanical Garden. You'll never be bored in Bellevue! 5. Sammamish Sammamish is quiet, quaint and full of natural beauty. It is a diverse, highly educated and family-oriented neighborhood, perfect for raising kids. The majority of apartments for rent in this Seattle suburb are family-style homes with up to four bedrooms. This means that the average rent is a bit higher than neighborhoods with more singleton-oriented units. The average rental cost in Sammamish is approximately $3500 for a three-bedroom or four-bedroom apartment for rent. This is on par with national rent averages for full home rentals like the ones in Sammamish. Plus, most of these rentals include utilities, air conditioning, garages and allows pets at no extra charge. This neighborhood is very safe, the overall combined rate in the neighborhood is 7%, and most people know each other in this tight-knit community. In terms of amenities, the neighborhood is home to several schools with a 9/10 ranking and nationally-recognized specialties. There are also lots of outdoor spaces and activities; take a swim in Lake Sammamish or hike at Illahee Trail Park. There's always something new to explore in Sammamish. Seattle's suburbs have much to offer, especially for families and tech professionals. If the city hustle and bustle isn't for you, use ApartmentLove's search filters to find affordable neighborhoods and apartments to rent in Seattle suburbs. ApartmentLove | Apartments for rent in Seattle At ApartmentLove, we can help you find the perfect home in Seattle, the suburbs, or anywhere else. Browse our thousands of listings across the US. Crime Stats Sources: https://www.mercerisland.gov/police/page/monthly-crime-statistics https://crimegrade.org/safest-places-in-redmond-wa/ https://bpd-data.bellevuewa.gov/pages/crime-stats https://www.citytistics.com/crime/sammamish-washington/
Moving to NYC can be confusing. ApartmentLove makes deciding between Harlem or a Brooklyn neighborhood easy. Find the place that suits you the best. New York City's layout is puzzling for anyone who has not spent much time there. Unsurprisingly, this leads to confusion about what areas and neighborhoods are best to live in. Many newcomers to New York City mistakenly believe that its boroughs are neighborhoods, and are often surprised to find neighborhoods within the boroughs. Brooklyn and Harlem are the perfect examples. First-time New Yorkers will often ask if it's better to look for apartments for rent in Brooklyn or Harlem. ApartmentLove believes everyone deserves to find the feeling of home, so we are going to clear up the confusion, and talk about the details of each. Borough or Neighborhood? Before we get into details, we want to take a moment to clear up some misconceptions about Brooklyn and Harlem. It's important to know the difference between a borough and a neighborhood. A borough is alike to a smaller city within a larger metropolis. New York City has five boroughs: Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. Brooklyn is home to iconic landmarks such as Coney Island and the Brooklyn Bridge. It also boasts some of the best pizza in New York City. On the other hand, a neighborhood is a community within a city or town. Harlem is a neighborhood in northern Manhattan that has a rich immigrant history. It was first settled by the Dutch, then became a hub for Jewish and Italian immigrants, and by the 1930s, Black and Latinx migrants from the southern states made up the majority of its residents. They founded the Jazz and Soul cultures that Harlem is famous for today. To recap, Brooklyn is a borough in New York City, and Harlem is a neighborhood in Manhattan. Brooklyn for Families The borough of Brooklyn is a great choice for a first-time renter in New York City, but also for families and seniors looking for a slower pace than Manhattan. Brooklyn is a diverse borough with many neighborhoods and ethnic enclaves that can help create a sense of community, especially for people in a more family-focused life stage. The architecture supports this too. A lot of Brooklyn's apartment rentals are restored brownstone townhomes, which were originally designed to foster a sense of community among new immigrants to Brooklyn in the 1800s. Also, a lot of Brooklyn's neighborhoods have been redesigned with young millennial families in mind, and have lots of family-friendly businesses, public spaces, and schools. Some great examples of these neighborhoods include Williamsburg, Park Slope, and Dumbo. No, we're not kidding, there really is a neighborhood named Dumbo in Brooklyn. But Brooklyn is truly versatile because it's great for singles too! A hipster paradise, there's no shortage of cool new art, eats and activities to check out. See some free street art on Troutman Street, grab a bite at Brooklyn's trendiest new restaurant, Wenwen, or spend a chilled-out day at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The range and cost of apartment rentals in Brooklyn make it worth it too. For a two-to-three-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, the average cost is about $3500 per month . That would be considered a family-sized home. On a dual income, this is doable for many families. For a studio or one-bedroom apartment , Brooklyn's average monthly cost is as low as $1700 per month. That's lower than most major cities in the U.S. Harlem for Singles & Young Professionals Harlem is a rich cultural neighborhood in Manhattan, but without all the Manhattan snobbery. Full of heritage and effortlessly cool, it's the perfect neighborhood for singles and young professionals. While there certainly is space for families, Harlem isn't as child-friendly as many Brooklyn neighborhoods are. As a young person though, there's so much to see and do. See a show at the Apollo Theater, try some soul food from the Queen of Soul Food herself at Sylvia's, or see some stunning free street art at the Graffiti Hall of Fame in East Harlem Park. All of these attractions are free or low-cost, and they offer an opportunity to learn about Harlem's unique history and the influence of Black culture in the neighborhood. Harlem's apartments for rent are pretty affordable, especially compared to the rest of Manhattan. In fact, Harlem's rent rates are anywhere between 25% to 30% cheaper than the rest of Manhattan. This makes it a great starting point for many young professionals. A one-bedroom apartment goes for about $1859 a month. A two-bedroom can be even cheaper, as there are units that go for as little as $1627 a month. The cost of rent starts to even out with the rest of Manhattan's average cost when it comes to looking for a three-bedroom apartment rental and beyond. On average, three-bedroom apartments for rent in Harlem go for roughly $3000 to $4000 a month. So, what's the better option? Choosing a neighborhood with affordable apartments for rent in Brooklyn? Or settling in culturally-rich Harlem without the typical Manhattan prices? The answer to that is really up to the individual. Both options are considered affordable. They're both full of enriching entertainment experiences. It just depends on if you are looking for a more kid and family-friendly environment, or a hip, easygoing place to start young adult life. ApartmentLove | Apartments for Rent in New York City, NY With thousands of listings across the United States and Canada, ApartmentLove will find the perfect apartment rental for you, from brownstone apartments in Brooklyn to funky Harlem studios on the Manhattan skyline. We have something for everyone; find yours!
Philadelphia or Seattle? We answer the top 5 questions in this east vs west showdown. With ApartmentLove, finding apartments for rent in Philadelphia or Seattle is easy. Many people consider Philadelphia and Seattle to be mirror cities. They have a similar feel, values and offerings on opposite sides of the country. Philadelphia is an eastern city, while Seattle is considered western. But, do they mirror on all the things that matter most if you're a renter? If you are planning on making a move, but cannot decide between the east or west coast, ApartmentLove can help. We're here to answer the five most asked about comparisons between Philadelphia and Seattle. We'll be looking at the rental market, the general cost of living, the weather, education and the quality and diversity of local eats. Rent Prices and Popular Unit Types Side by Side Though they may be considered mirror cities, the rental markets in Philadelphia and Seattle couldn't be more different. In Philadelphia, 47% of residents are renters and the average monthly rent cost is just over $1,800. While this is slightly higher than the national average, it is still considered fairly reasonable. In Seattle, 53% of residents are renters. It's not much of a difference, but it still means that renters take the housing majority here. The average monthly rent in Seattle is a fair bit higher, sitting at $2,300 per month. It is possible to find accommodations below the average rent cost in both cities though, especially for a single person in search of an apartment for rent. Apartment hunting on a budget is actually quite manageable in both cities. There are many beautiful, clean and safe apartment rental options under $1,000 per month in Philadelphia. While it is possible to find an apartment for rent under $1,000 per month in Seattle, that budget isn't recommended, as the options are so few. Instead, ApartmentLove's rental experts recommend increasing your budget a bit. There are plenty of stunning and affordable apartments for rent in Seattle that are in the range of $1,200 to $1,300 per month. It may be a bit more expensive than new Seattle residents were hoping for, but it is still quite affordable and almost half of the city's rental average. The most popular type of apartment rental is different in both cities too. Philadelphia is full of students and young professionals, so much so that there is even a neighborhood in Philadelphia named University City. So, it's no surprise that studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments for rent are the most highly-sought after. On the other hand, Seattle is a city of established young people looking for larger spaces or grow themselves as families. Hence, two-bedroom apartments for rent are more common in Seattle. Cost of Living Comparison There are other expenses besides rent. How do these costs compare in Philadelphia and Seattle? Let's have a look. The first comparison is salary. The average annual salary of a Philadelphian works out to be $72,000 annually. By contrast, Seattle's average annual salary is $86,000. Next, utilities and basic food costs need to be looked at. In Philadelphia, basic utility fees are around $166 per month. In Seattle, the typical cost is about $221. Grocery basics are roughly 14% cheaper in Philadelphia than Seattle. Basics includes staples like bread, milk, apples, eggs and cheese. As for transportation, a monthly bus pass is about 3% cheaper in Philadelphia than Seattle. At quick glance, we can see that the cost of living in Philadelphia is much lower than Seattle. However, with such a large difference in annual average salaries, Seattle is manageable, especially with ApartmentLove helping users find the most affordable apartment rentals. The Weather While this may not always be a consideration that is top of mind, the general climate of a region matters. Some people like the snow and rain, some people do not. It's important to consider what you can handle. While both cities rank very highly on the climate comfort index and are fairly moderate in climate, Philadelphia gets a lot more snow than Seattle and is a few degrees colder. On the other hand, Philadelphia gets less rain than Seattle in the fall and spring. It's really up to you and what you prefer. Education Philadelphia is well-known for its longstanding commitment to postsecondary education. There is a whole city neighborhood that is almost entirely dedicated to internationally-ranking, centuries old academic institutions. University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, Temple University, La Salle University and Thomas Jefferson University are all located in the University City neighborhood in Philadelphia. There are a variety of programs and skills offered by each institution, and a great student and young professional culture. Additionally, finding apartments for rent near universities in Philadelphia is simple and affordable compared to campus life. Seattle is also an education hub for its own state, as the city is home to over half of Washington State's top colleges and universities. The top schools include University of Washington, Seattle Pacific University, the Seattle Film Institute and Seattle University. Seattle also has an area of the city that is largely dedicated to student life and housing. It's known as “the U District”, or University District. Much like in Philadelphia, apartments for rent in Seattle's University District can be on the higher end of the average rent cost, but still comparatively inexpensive to campus life. Both cities are great options for students looking for strong academic cultures, valuable degrees and student experiences that offer lasting personal and professional enrichment. Food Who doesn't love a great bite to eat? A strong food scene is important, so let's compare what Philadelphia and Seattle have to offer. Philadelphia's food scene is a mix of comforting favorites like the famous Philly cheesesteak and exciting exotic fusions. The Northern Liberties Neighborhood, lovingly known as NoLibs, is the center of it all. Popular spots include SET NoLibs, Silk City Diner Bar and Lounge, and Honey's Sit N' Eat. The large variety in restaurants gives locals a little bit of everything. As for Seattle, while they are well-known for their coffee shops and cafes, they also have a very strong restaurant culture, with a focus on meats. Many of their top restaurants have starring dishes that highlight savory American steaks and international delights like Filipino chicken or Mexican tamales. There are even opportunities to try Native cuisine! So, which is better, east or west? Philadelphia or Seattle? It is truly up to your needs and wants. Either way, both cities offer plenty of opportunities for learning and growth, personally and academically. Whether you start looking in Philadelphia or Seattle, ApartmentLove will help you find the perfect apartment for rent and the feeling of home. ApartmentLove | Apartments For Rent Near Me   At ApartmentLove, we make it easy to find the feeling of home, with thousands of listings across the United States and Canada. Browse listings today.
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